Cash Register and Rentals in Auckland, NZ

Calcullus is your first choice company for the rental of cash registers and POS equipment in Auckland. All of our cash registers NZ wide come with an electronic device attached alongside the cash drawer and is used for recording and calculating sales transactions. Our cash registers are widely being used to replace the older all-purpose computers with Point of Sale Auckland software. These cash registers can also be attached to credit card or debit card terminals, check stands, barcode scanners and scales. We rent machines out to range of industries including hospitality and retail businesses. Whether you are an existing user or a new start-up in need of a cash register, Calcullus is here to provide you with support and advice on Point of Sale Auckland equipment.

Best Point of Sale (POS) Systems in Auckland

Calcullus supplies a wide range of till rentals to the NZ market, from elaborate cash registers to low volume cash registers with full POS System features. We have a selection of Point of Sale Auckland equipment and cash registers, thus allowing us to provide our clients with the absolute best equipment for their requirements and sales transactions. Our company understands that every customer is different in his or her requirements, which is why we listen carefully to your queries and needs, before providing advice on the best possible options available.

Till Rentals Auckland

We specialize in bulk orders and pride ourselves on offering only the highest quality POS equipment. Calcullus believes in maintaining a high level of client satisfaction through providing the highest standard in customer service and products available. Our high quality cash registers are impeccably designed for the New Zealand market with correct sized coin trays and specialised programming. So, if you are looking for a company that specializes in cash register rentals in NZ, then Calcullus is the company you need to call.


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