Why you should choose Calcullus as your supplier

Calcullus has been operating in Auckland for over 25 years. We are the CASIO point of sale specialists for the Auckland region. Our specialists will use their experience to provide the correct solution to suit the individual needs of your business. We can supply any requirements from a small cash register through to touch screen computers running sophisticated POS software for multi store franchise environments.
We have some great package deals and can offer rental or lease to own finance if required. We can supply a range of peripherals including barcode scanners, scales, receipt/order printers, cash drawers etc.

Cash register rentals

Our large fleet rental cash registers can be custom programmed for special events, and can cater to anything from a pop up store to a concert.


We supply a range of Eftpos terminals both fixed and mobile. Most of the point of sale equipment we supply will connect to our Eftpos terminals providing a seamless accurate interface.


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Johnny Walker Eftpos August 17, 2015