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Eftpos Software

Eftpos software update

You may have received a letter from paymark stating your eftpos terminal needs an update before April 2020.
This applies to all Ingenico terminals currently running 2014 or 2015 software, after which these terminals will cease to operate.
If you are unsure whether your terminal needs an update, especially if you own the equipment please contact us.

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What is Software Compliance?

Software Compliance is the term used to cover the management of the application software in the Ingenico terminal fleet, and ultimately, the ongoing security and compliance of the New Zealand payments industry.

By way of background, in 2012 a number of important new requirements were introduced into the New Zealand payments market around ensuring that EFTPOS terminals are kept in a compliant state for the duration of their service life.

Among these new requirements, all terminal Vendors operating in the New Zealand market, now have a legal responsibility to ensure that payment devices deployed to the field are kept up to date with current software. Whilst we continue to drive innovation in the New Zealand payments market, we also need to share the responsibility of safeguarding the security of electronic payments from potential fraudsters, hackers and scammers.

With the ever-increasing pace of technological change in the payments arena, we expect that the frequency of EFTPOS terminal software releases will increase.

It’s important to note that these new requirements for participants in the payments market are compulsory - not optional – for us all to operate in New Zealand.

Idealpos 7.1 Release

With the release of IdealPOS 7.1 we though we’d share some of the awesome new features bundled in the new software!


A Kiosk is a POS terminal configured in a portrait orientation, secured in a mount and customised with a simplified POS screen layout specially designed so customers can easily and quickly place their own order.

Included in the demo database is a demo Kiosk layout that you can use to get some ideas on how to create and design a Kiosk for your customers. The Kiosk is configured just like a standard POS terminal and supports customer loyalty, EFTPOS integration and all features that are available in the POS screen module.


A Cash Discount can now be applied to anyone who pays for their purchase by cash.


When enabled, Customer Account Transactions are stored in the central POSServer database, ensuring that all POS terminals will retrieve relevant and up-to-date transaction data, resulting in consistent data and increased reliability!


It is now possible to view a 3D Pie-Chart on the Back-Office Dashboard by simply clicking on the existing 2D Pie-Chart.


We have implemented enhancements to reports, which include:

  • Pending Sales Report can group by type
  • Stock Item Sales Report can be: Grouped by a single Clerk or range of Clerks, Group all items by sale (Audit Number), Sales Type
  • Option to hide Cost Price on Stock Transfers Report for specific Users
  • Option to hide the Stock Item Sales Report button in the Journal Enquiry when accessed from the POS for specific Users


We have implemented enhancements to POS, which include:

  • Option to force a Customer to be added to a sale when redeeming Coupons
  • Option to hide Stock Item Alert Levels on specific POS terminals
  • Option to inhibit selling items that have not been enabled by Location
  • Ability to show the Home Screen when a sale is completed and a timeout occurs
  • Ability to create POS screen buttons with a pre-configured Gratuity percentage for Tips
  • Price Enquiry function allows selling a Stock Item
  • Set a maximum number of times that a Promotion can be tripped


Some additional enhancements include:

  • Automatic Deletion of Customer Points after a set period of time
  • Option to hide Stock Item Alert Levels on specific POS terminals
  • Option to inhibit selling items that have not been enabled by Location
  • Ability to show the Home Screen when a sale is completed and a timeout occurs
  • Ability to show Unit Prices on Tax Invoices
  • Table Details can be viewed from POS Screen
  • Added new region setting for India

For more information or a no obligation demonstration please contact us today!