Cash Registers

How many product buttons do I require?

Will you be entering in the prices as you sell the goods? If so perhaps you won’t require as many “Fast key product buttons”.

Do you need a separate journal printer to keep track of sales?

All of our cash registers are capable of storing a “Electronic Journal”, meaning you can use the main receipt printer to print off to journal history with the end of day shift report.

Will you be needing to scan barcodes?

Our larger Cash Registers can have a barcode reader attached, enabling a faster transaction time.

Will you be needing to link automatically to an Eftpos Terminal?

Our larger Cash Registers can interface to most Eftpos terminals using the “Casio” interface. This means the price is automatically send to the eftpos terminal, and once the transaction is accepted, automatically tenders the Cash Registers as paid. This completely eliminates staff accidentally pressing the cash button after an eftpos transaction and vice-versa.