DATALOGIC Cobalto® CO-5300 Series Omin-directional Laser Scanner

The new Cobalto™ CO5300 omnidirectional presentation laser scanner guarantees an excellent value for customers looking for outstanding performance in a stylish and full-featured product. An elegant blue ‘Ring of Light’ encircles the reading window, which turns a bright green to visually confirm a good read. Additionally, a high quality polyphonic speaker can be configured to provide the preferred sound or ‘jingle’ for audio confirmations of a good read. The omnidirectional reading pattern of 20 lines and 1,500 scans per second provides the market’s fastest 1D decoding rate and motion tolerance, key features in applications that require immediate and intuitive reading.

Product Description

Laser Presentation Scanner
‘Ring of Light’ visual good-read confirmation
Configurable polyphonic speaker for customized audio good-read confirmation
Top of the range speed and motion tolerance on 1D bar codes
Adjustable scan head with 30° tilting ability for larger items
Ergonomic rubber finishing grips are ideal for handheld operations
Capacitive trigger for single line targeting applications such as Price Look-Up (PLU) lists
EASEOFCARE Service Plans offer a wide range of service options to protect your investment, ensuring maximum productivity and ROI

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