Easipos – Tablet / Touch Stand

Is simply that, A streamlined Point of Sale solution for your business. Supporting many different business types, from bars, cafes through to restaurants & retail and more.

If you sell items or services to customers, you need an Easi pos system that doesn’t require a college degree to operate. EasiPOS can cater for your business with our 30+ years experience in the industry.



With Easipos, each report will have a Date Range to select from to help you report the information you require. Each report has the ability to be printed, exported & saved.

Product Description


Tables / Accounts

The EasiPOS features a graphical user interface to view at a glance the status of all open tables with the table map. The Table map is completely customizable. Each table colour indicates the tables current status.

Bill splitting allows your guests to split a bill between multiple customers to give everyone the chance to pay what is required of them. Customer service is all about what the customer wants.

The tables can function like a bartab, allowing a deposit to be made & enabling clients to not spend more than they budget.



The Easipos features a product system far superior to that of even an advanced Cash Register, Barcoding & label printing is an included feature allowing you to print Shelf Labels & product barcoded stickers. The Products can be searched and very quickly programmed so you can get running faster.

Tablet POS
Enabling remote order taking, whether it’s a dedicated phone ordering terminal or a waiter-pad.

easipos touch



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