Are you looking for Point of Sale Software? If you are looking for a complete POS System, then Idealpos is the right choice for your Point of Sale System. Suitable for both many different industries, Idealpos’ optional features are available in add-on modules, so you only need to purchase the features you require.Idealpos POS Software is easy to use and your staff …

Accounting Interface

Idealpos can interface to Attaché, MYOB, QuickBooks and Xero Accounting Software, providing a direct transfer of reconciled sales, payments and supplier invoices to the accounting software. General Ledger accounts in the accounting software are linked to Sale & Purchase Categories in Idealpos, along with other POS Functions.

Sales and banking figures from each POS terminal are consolidated in the ‘End Sale Period’ function by performing an ‘End of Shift’ at each POS terminal.  Once the banking figures are reconciled, the consolidated sales and banking totals are then sent directly to the accounting software.  Supplier Invoices can also be sent.

MYOB is available for all versions through API, ODBC or File-based. Attaché and Quickbooks interface is file based only, meaning that we ouput a file that can be imported into their programs. We have a Xero API interface as well as file based.


Attributes allow you to give your stock items flags that can be used for reports and programming of the POS screen. The attributes allow you to easily group stock items by up to five different types, each linked to an attribute within that type. Any good point of sale system can group stock items, but an ideal one allows you stock control management of the finest sort.

An example of using attributes would be items purchased from a particular region, dietry requirement or brand of product. Stock items linked to these attributes might be contained within many different departments that cannot be organised together. Using attributes you can easily group these items for the purposes of certain reports.

You have the ability to use attributes in selected reports, and they can be used a grouping for changing prices of items linked to the same attribute. This can be handy for stores that stock the same product in multiple flavours, such as cans of drink or ice cream flavours.

Bar Tabs

Bar tabs are a huge feature within any bar to save the customer time from always pulling their wallet out and going through a full transaction ritual. Idealpos supports bar tabs internally where you can use scanable, coded or mag-striped cards to give to your patrons. All data is stored within the system until the customer is ready to pay, and then a bill can be printed for them to check over or split with other people they are dining with.

Idealpos also links to Clipp, a specific bar tab mobile phone app that allows bar tabs to be opened and closed, all from within the customers mobile phone.

Barcode Scanning

Barcodes are used in Idealpos for the fast entry of stock items into the sales screen using a barcode scanner, or for stock control using the Stock Manage app. Scanning can also be used on customer accounts for membership cards, bar tabs, accounts and for employees to log onto a sale. Barcodes can also be used when printed on gift vouchers, credit notes, receipts and coupons for faster service.

Barcodes are fast and secure to help you go about your business knowing that mistakes are kept to a minimum. Used in conjunction with label printing and Idealpos’ internal barcode creation facility, you can achieve great results very quickly.

Beverage Monitoring & Analytics

It is possible within Idealpos to configure the software to link with various beverage dispensing units that control exactly how much of a beverage can be dispensed at any one time. This allows for accurate reporting, ordering and stock control.

Some dispensers work while connected directly to a POS terminal and others are controlled through the whole system themself with matching reports.

A good example of where these systems work well is at dispense bars. A single clerk can run a dispense bar and without being able to log on, while the bar is unattended customers won’t be able to steal product.

Bill Splitting

Bill Splitting allows your guests to split a bill between multiple variations to give everyone the chance to pay what is required of them. The bill can be Split into four different ways, which are by Fraction, Amount, Cover and Quantity, or a combination of each.

Many businesses choose to not allow bill splitting, but you can offer your guests a service above your competitors by easily splitting their bills for them.

Customer service is all about doing what the customer wants, and if you can make a lot of people happy in one sale by splitting a bill, you are likely to get a lot of return business. Although this was a tedious service in the past, we’re well equiped to handle it now.

Clerk Security

When you have multiple staff looking after the financial side fo your business where money is changing hands, you want to ensure that the correct allowances for access have been set. Idealpos can allow staff to be grouped together to change multiple staff permissions in a single check box, or give each staff memeber a unique access ability.

It’s almost impossible to stop staff if they want to steal from the business unless you instill the correct measures to protect and record what happens. There is nothing wrong with allowing staff access to any area, so long as it is approved by you.

Caller ID

The Caller ID module allows you to instantly add a customer to the sale, or add new customer’s details on the fly to your customer database, based on incoming telephone calls. Being able to confirm customer details instantly when they call and display their last order could save a lot of time on a busy phone during peak periods.

Benefitting from a strong customer database can help businesses that rely on customer data succeed. If you can personalise your greetings when customers call, there can be a feeling of loyalty and they will be more likely to give you continued business.

Services that this would suit the most would be fast food and take away businesses.

Clipp Tab App

Clipp is Australia’s leading and fastest-growing last minute deals and mobile-payment app for bars, pubs and restaurants. Clipp enables Idealpos venues to provide exclusive deals to consumers and provides users complete visibility over their tab, from orders and spend value.

Being integrated into Idealpos, Clipp allows users to close their tab and pay securely and directly from their phone and is easily reconciled with your current end of day reports.

Configurable POS Screen

Customise your screen as much as possible to allow for fast, efficient service. The use of images on the buttons representing different products can make it easy for new staff who are not used to the products to identify quickly the item they are looking for.

Idealpos also allows the quick programming of the POS screen, even during the middle of a sale if required, to make sure you are able to get your system perfect in any situation. Simply press and hold the button to change its configuration settings. This functionality can be toggled on/off.

Credit Note

Credit Notes are used for the returning of goods into your store, but instead of giving them back the tender they purchased with, you give them a Credit Note to the value of those goods in your store. It acts like a Gift Voucher in that it cannot be redeemed for cash, and must be spent in your store.

Credit notes can be redeemed at any store if your POS terminals are connected over a VPN Internet Connection. You can also set the validity period and pre-program up to 10 reasons why the customer has been issued with a Credit Note.

Customer Accounts

Customer accounts are generally an often used feature in many businesses. A lot of customers can actually be other businesses buying repeatedly and other returning customers. Accounts allow you to offer customers the ability to take goods on the day without paying, and send them an invoice at the end of the month for the total goods purchased.

Customer accounts also work well with pending sales. Pending sales allows customers to order products where you can put together the order and it can then flagged as an item to be delivered or picked up at their convenience when it is fulfilled.

A good customer database enables you to easily see sales trends and anticipate sales based on purchase history. When you have your customer’s contact details you can then add targeted marketing to your sales arsenal. Customers can be sent promotions such as coupons or gift vouchers which will have them coming back into your store for years to come.

Customer Loyalty

Idealpos allows you to easily offer a membership and points system to increase customer loyalty. It’s a well known business fact that it’s easier to keep a customer than it is to attract a new one. When customers feel they receive a bonus or other beneficial service from a business they have bought from, they are more likely to return, often telling their friends about it.

Customers can be added to sale quickly by swiping or scanning their loyalty card. Points can also be offered on specific items that might be part of a promotion. If required Idealpos can print small batch loyalty cards to fulfil this requirement.

Dashboard & Shortcuts

The Idealpos back office screen can show a graphical dashboard, which is updated automatically as the sales information, is received from the POS terminals.

The Dashboard can display graphs based on sales data for Departments, Tenders, Locations, Clerks, POS Terminals and Sites.

Located on the left hand side of the back office screen, the shortcut bar allows each user to create shortcuts to access the most commonly used parts of the software and their favourite reports.

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers can be sold through Idealpos and redeemed at a later date which you can decide. Gift vouchers enable you to keep track of purchased vouchers in case of loss or theft. Gift vouchers can be linked to your custom stationary, gift cards or Idealpos can print the voucher out of the receipt printer, or be emailed to the customer as a PDF.

All Gift Vouchers are tracked and monitored through Idealpos, making it easy to replace a lost Gift Voucher.

Each time a Gift Voucher is used, the amount of the sale will be deducted from the original voucher, and a new voucher will be printed with the remaining balance. The expiry date will not change on the voucher unless it is edited by a Clerk.

Happy Hour Specials

It is possible to setup a group of items that will change price automatically at a pre-determined date and time. The special price schedule allows you to enter a price for each item that will change during specific times.

The other way to setup Happy Hour is to use the Promotions feature. You can enter a group of items and select a discount type to be applied between the date and time ranges.

Inter-Store Ordering

Inter-Store Ordering enables each store to create Purchase Orders within the system that will be sent to a Head Office terminal for Shipping and Invoicing. Invoices will be charged to a Customer Account which is linked to a Location of the corresponding Store/s.

This allows for stores to easily order products they require on a regular basis. Head office can simply run a report to consolidate the total order.

Kitchen Monitor

Ideal Kitchen Monitor is a highly configurable display ordering system which can be used in Quick Service, Drive Thru, Restaurant and Café businesses.

Kitchen Monitors allow back end staff from anywhere in the kitchen to view the order and help keep service moving at a fast rate. Developed initially for fast-food, they have evolved and become a vital component in many different styles of kitchens within many industries.

Kitchen Printing

Save staff the hassle of walking from the table or terminal to the kitchen to deliver an order with kitchen printing making the trip for you. No more illegible dockets with the chef trying to read a frazzled floor members crazy scrawl. Each order will be clearly printed and can be on duplicate dockets for different courses. Why not use Handheld Ordering and save the staff even walking to a terminal?

Idealpos has the ability print to many printers at the same time, separating a single order automatically into the different sections where dockets may be required. In a restaurant there may be many different printers. Some fine dining restaurants can require up to 7 different kitchen printers configured.

Label Printing

Idealpos can create labels that can be printed out onto various mediums for use with barcode scanners. Stock Items, Customers and Promotions can be printed using various label settings. Idealpos can add a scancode to all stock items automatically if required.

Labels are most useful in being able to add barcodes to items that originally don’t come with them as standard. This then allows the stock items to be scanned quickly during a sale, but also to be scanned easily during a stocktake.

When selecting labels to print you are able to select multiple items in one go, saving you time from multiple searches. When selecting items to print you can select lines in blocks or individual lines.

Multi-Site Management

Whether you have a couple of stores in your city, or a franchise network all over the country, Idealpos can handle it all.

Multi-site support offers you branding control to ensure your business runs the way you want it to run. Global and Yes/No Options are controlled by site, so this allows you to fully customize each individual site to the unique settings they require.

Paging Systems

Pagers can be utlised within Idealpos for a number of purposes, each with unique features and functions allowing you to choose the requirements you need for your business.

Pagers can be used to contact a specific person in any establishment, let customers know their meal is ready and more.

Idealpos uses pagers in both Idealpos 7 and Ideal Kitchen Monitor.


Promotions are a great way to bundle products together for a quick sale, or to showcase a new product and make it a standard purchase with your regular customers. They will display on the POS screen as a discount that can also display at the end fo the sale, as well as being displayed on the Customer Display.

Idealpos allows you to create many different types of promotions so you can sell your products the best way you know how. With Dollar, Percent, Fixed Price, Bonus Items and more available.

Recipe Costing

The cost price of prepared food can be calculated by adding raw ingredients as stock items to the Idealpos database. Food products that are sold to a customer can then be setup as indirect stock items, so each time they are sold, the stock level of raw ingredients are deducted from stock.

By entering these ingredients into Idealpos through Stock Purchases or Purchase Orders, the cost price is updated and flows through to the indirect item, updating the total cost price of that indirect item. This is also used for mixed drinks such as cocktails and mocktails.

This functionality becomes more efficient when used with Stock Manufacturing.

Raffles and Jackpots

Raffles and Jackpots can give your customers additional purchase values that can make them enjoy your venue more.

Raffles allow you to sell tickets for various prize draws. This is usually common as a meat tray on a particular evening. You have the ability to link it with promotions so that bulk purchasing of tickets is less than if purchased individually. For example you might offer customers to “Buy 1 for $1 or 5 for $4”.

Jackpots are a great way to record sales of a particular item for a promotion and offer a randomly selected winner at the conclusion or specific date. This type of function usually works best with customers linked to every sale to make it easy to identify the winner, otherwise each customer purchasing the item will need to keep their receipts.


Idealpos has many transaction reports that are logically grouped into several categories including: Financial, Sales, Stock Control, Purchases, Customers, Employees and Restaurant.

Where applicable, each report will have a Date Range to select from, along with other fields that help drill the report down to the information you require. Sessions will also be displayed in this range, and will only display when the session has been allocated a time frame.

Each report has the ability to be Printed, Exported, Save as PDF or Emailed. A number of reports have an option to set the selections as Default. All reports are able to be configured as a shortcut, and can also be used in the Scheduled Reports feature, or uploaded online for use within Web Reporting.

  • Over 100 different report combinations and capabilities
  • Configure reports to be sent at a specific time and in a format you require
  • Exporting reports for use in other programs enable you to do more with your data
  • Reports can be generated automatically and exported to a folder for use in third-party programs
  • Set default report parameters for quicker viewing, or setup report shortcuts for regular viewing


Idealpos integrates to 11 different scales that allow direct weight measurement into the POS screen sales window. This means you can simply put the items on a scale, press the selected stock item button and it will be weighed instantly and display the price.

One set of scales is, the Ishida labeller. This scale does not weigh items directly into POS, but creates programmable barcodes for the items you weight that can be scanned into POS at the time of sale.

Scales are very useful in this type of business scenario and highly recommended. It is important that when using scales they have been checked and authorised by an official weights and measures company and all equipment using them is stamped

Stock Control Management

One of the mains reasons businesses decide to invest in a Point of Sale system is the ability to manage their stock. Idealpos has very powerful stock control features to manage the following processes: Stock Purchasing, Purchase Orders, Stock Transfers, Stock Write-Offs, Stock-take.

Idealpos can manage stock levels for multiple locations, with the ability to set recommended and reorder levels which can be used to produce reorder reports automatically generate purchase orders.

Stocktakes can be performed by printing stock take forms and entering the stock levels into the enter stock take screen. You can also record stock levels using a PDE device and then transferring the data to Idealpos.

Table Map

he Table Map provides a graphical user interface to view at a glance the status of all tables within the establishment. The table map is completely customizable and can facilitate the configuration of many different functions. Each colour represents a different status for the table, which can be custom designed to each install.

With the Idealpos Table Map System, you can:

  • Bill Print and split Bill by Seat
  • Transfer Tables
  • View a Summary of all Tables within the Restaurant
  • Enter orders using Seat numbers
  • Access Reservations (with Reservations enabled)
  • Make Tables Inactive
  • Modify the Table Map and join tables together during service
  • Set alert time for bill printed and not paid, and guest seated but not ordered
  • Enter the number of guest, and produce reports based on average food and beverage spends by guest

Web Reporting

Web Reporting allows data to be sent from Idealpos to a third-party online where it can be collated. It is then used in various ways to generate different reports to the ones already provided through Idealpos. In some instances you will be able to create custom reports focussing on only the information that you want to display.

This functionality usually relies on a daily export to be run, which once performed the data is available online forever.


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