Accounts and bar tabs are available, there are a variety of methods for identifying customers such as swipe cards, scanning a barcode or numeric entry. The built in customer loyalty is very versatile, points can be allocated to a variety of conditions, and rewards can be customised to either ongoing offers such as every 10th coffee is free, or special one off promotions. A number of optional modules are available such as:

* Floor plan – graphical table map.

* Reservations.

* Hand held devices such as Ipad.

* Eftpos interface.

And more! For more information go to

Product Description

Idealpos is a versatile and powerful point of sale software solution. It has a broad range of features, making it suitable for a wide range of businesses. The POS screen is intuitive and very easy to navigate, meaning staff training requirements are minimal. Security is of utmost importance with any business, and there are many security features built in.Operators can have restrictions programmed so they are limited to certain functionality. Also clerk specific reporting can show which operators are using specific buttons such as no sale, void, cancel etc.

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